As the goods are international, the delivery time is from 5 to a maximum of 15 working days. Being able to arrive before.

After confirmation of payment by financial institutions, shipment is made within 5 working days.

Once the Goods are posted, we are not responsible if they are delayed, as the delivery time for the post office may vary according to demand and according to the region where the customer lives.

Delivery rules and restrictions:

Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday from 08:00h to 18:00h, by the post office, with the exception of holidays.

Deliveries inland or areas with difficult access may take longer and areas with delivery restrictions will have to be picked up at the post office.

The products arrive in your country, go through customs inspection and then go on to be delivered to the destination cities.

If you have any questions or clarifications, please contact our Customer Service via email: or

Order Tracking:

Important: The tracking will be sent to your email (check if the emails are arriving in your SPAM box and authorize the receipt of our website).

You can track your order by accessing the Tracking tab in our store's menu. Select the order you want to track see the tracking! Ex.: Tracking code: DM100225099BR

Important: After posting, it may take up to 72 hours for the postal system to locate your tracking.

Order Status:

Awaiting Payment: Order is not yet listed as Paid, awaiting approval which may take up to 48 business hours by financial institutions.

Pickup Order: Paid order awaiting processing and shipment to logistics.
Order Sent: Product has been dispatched and is in transit to your residence


As it is an import service, any and all goods are subject to bureaucracy or customs duties.

Upbest is not responsible for possible costs (fees, charges and taxes) added by the government. The taxed customer has 48 hours to contact the company, sending the completed document to the post office that corresponds to the taxation.

If there is a delay in the delivery of the product, the customer can contact us so that we can agree on the best possible alternatives in this case.

Delivery is always made by Correios, however, in some cases, such as absentee recipients, regions with delivery restrictions, among other reasons, Correios may leave a notice to pick up the products at the agency closest to the address provided.

If the product goes back to stock for reasons of "Undelivered - Unavailable Recipient or Incorrect/Nonexistent Address", the cost of reshipping will be borne by the buyer.

In case of resending, a new delivery period will apply.

If you have any questions regarding deadlines, our team will always be available through the website's service channels or by email: or

When making a purchase, the customer will be in accordance with the conditions and rules determined by UPBEST.